2020 Advertising Rates


The Women’s Health Division has an ever-growing membership of over 1,900 physiotherapists and physiotherapy students. Our quarterly publication is national, reaching physiotherapists from coast to coast. The WHD encourages professionals to advertise their courses, job postings and/or products in our quarterly newsletter. Advertising rates for 2020 are:

*Please note that the following prices are subject to GST/HST according to location of advertiser.

For information please contact: whdnewsletter@gmail.com


  • E-blasts are sent out monthly to our members

  • Advertising can include upcoming courses and/or job listings

*Please note that the following prices are subject to GST/HST according to location of advertiser.

Course Listings should include the following: Company name, course name, dates, times and location as well as a brief description (max 75 words). Company logo will not be included in the listing.


Job Listings should include the following information: Company name, contact name and email, position available, contact phone number, website, city and province, closing date and a brief description (max 75 words).


All job postings and course listings on the website are free and will be posted in our members only section of our website. We offer this service for free so our members can continue to grow, but we encourage all companies to consider giving back to the WHD by creating or sharing resources or patient handouts with us to be added to our Members only section. 

  • Please send all pertinent information to whdwebsite@gmail.com as outlined above for the e-blast

  • Course postings will remain on the website until the date of the course

  • Job listings will remain on the website until the closing date or for two months

  • *Optional a pdf of a patient handout that you are willing to share with our members. Please consider offering a WHD member discount for your courses. 

*All payments for advertising must be made in advance through an e-transfer sent to whdtreasurer@gmail.com. Please include details of what you are paying for.