Our members are registered physiotherapists who share a passion for treating conditions specific to women's health or pelvic floor dysfunctions in women, men and children.

If you are looking for a Physiotherapist in your city or town you are in the right place. Use the map below to search for a physiotherapist in your area. 

To use the map follow these simple steps: 

1. Search your city and province (or postal code) in the search box above 

2. Adjust the radius to see all therapist in your surrounding areas. If you don't see any 'pins' expand your radius by 10-20 km.  


Use the zoom in button, click and drag the map to pin point your region 

Are you a Women's Health Division Member?
Would you like to be included on the map?

If you are a WHD member and would like to be included on the map please email and request the registration link.

We aim to update our Find-A-Physio feature twice per year (November and May). Thank you for your patience as your volunteers input your information.