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APPLY NOW! WHD Working Group

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

WHD Working Group for the development of a glossary for inclusive terminology:

Dear WHD Member,

It is the Women’s Health Division’s (WHD) mission to be a leader in women’s and pelvic health physiotherapy through community, advocacy, and knowledge translation. The WHD is committed to responding to specific needs and requests from its members that aim to foster excellence in practice. Currently, the WHD has received a request to provide resources to all physiotherapist colleagues to assist them in their desire to adopt safe, inclusive, and respectful practice with gender diverse clients.


As such, the WHD aims to develop tools (glossary, lexicon, etc.) to assist communities of physiotherapist colleagues across Canada to increase awareness about inclusive language and terminology related to gender affirming treatments. We are looking to form a volunteer working group of members interested in participating in the development of those tools. It is anticipated that through this collaborative work, high quality, accessible, and agreed upon tools will be developed and disseminated across various physiotherapy associations and organizations.

Process and Timeline

The selected working group members for this project will be required to: (i) consult and review a list of supporting documents and resources on the topic; (ii) meet, discuss, and obtain consensus on a selection of terms and definitions to be included in the tools; (iii) develop the tools for dissemination. The expected timeline will be:

  1. Deadline for Working Group Application: CONGRESS 2023 (July 13);

  2. Announcement of Working Group: July 2023;

  3. Deadline for the Completion of Supporting Documents Review: October 2023;

  4. Deadline for Consensus Work: January 2024;

  5. Deadline for Preparation of Dissemination Tools: May 2024.


The WHD is now calling for applications for Working Group Lead (1 position) and Working Group Members (3 positions). These are volunteer positions and applications are open to WHD members only. Please send your resume (max 5 pages) and your letter of intent (max 1 page) to our Knowledge-Translation Lead ( Make sure you state in your letter whether you are applying to be Lead or Member of the Working Group. In addition to experience in the field and strength of application, geographic location and personal profile of applicants will also be taken into account to ensure a diverse representation of Canadian physiotherapists in the group.


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